Pre-departure EM booklets

Below are samples of the booklets sent to Expedition Members to help them prepare for their trips.
If you have a booklet or other pre-departure / trip information to expand the sample set, please get in touch through the Contact page.

Asia (London/Kathmandu)

Icon Pre-departure information Asia 1975
Kathmandu to London March 1975 
Icon Pre-departure Booklet Asia Westbound April 1979
Kathmandu to London
April 1979

Africa (London/Johannesburg)

Icon Pre-departure Information Africa Southbound 25 September 1971
London to Joburg September 1971 
Icon Pre-departure Africa Southbound November 1971
London to Joburg November 1971
Icon Mailing List Africa Southbound November 1973
London to Joburg November 1973 (mailing list)
Icon Pre-departure Booklet Lon-Joburg November 1980
London to Joburg
November 1980
Icon Pre-departure Booklet Africa Southbound October 1984
London to Joburg October 1984
Icon Routing update Sudan and Tchad early 1985
Routing update regarding Sudan and Tchad
– early 1985 

South America (Barranquilla/Rio de Janeiro)

Icon Amazon and Andes Pre-departure information
Amazon and Andes (Quito to Rio)
26 May 1988
(provided by Paul E Murphy)

Central America (Los Angeles/Panama)


Brief Encounters

Icon Peru Brief Encounter 1984.jpg
Peru Brief Encounter September 1984
(provided by Paul E Murphy)