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Posters and Stickers

This is a collection of the various stickers and posters Encounter had over the years.
Encounter Overland sticker


Where there's a wheel there's a way
‘Where there’s a wheel there’s a way’
Where there's a wheel there's a way - sticker

Truck sketch.jpg
‘Involve Yourself’ sketch
'The Adventure Machine' Transfer

The Adventure Machine Sticker
Adventure machine sticker.jpg
The Adventure Machine Sticker
EO Man with binoculars
The Binoculars Man (otherwise known as the ‘where the fuck are we’ logo)
 EO - we rediscover 3 continents.jpg Flyer designed by Jill Richardson 0 
Flyer designed by Jill Richardson
Icon Africa routes poster
Africa routes poster
Asia Poster (Circa 1980) (David Hunter)
Asia routes poster
South America poster (circa 1980) (David Hunter)
South America routes poster
Established 1964 logo
Himalaya Overland Logo
Himalaya Overland logo
Icon Encounter Flyer 1994
Encounter Overland Flyer – 1994
Icon Encounter Flyer - late 1990s.jpg
 Encounter Flyer – late 1990s


Calendar 1976:77 - Africa Trucks on ferry CAR
This is the cover of a 1976/1977 Calendar. Two RLs (TMJ151K (left) and UPX85K (right)) on a Central African Republic ferry. The photo was taken on a Joburg-London trip in 1973 led by Ray Wolfe, Clive Imrie and Mark Neilson (aka Kiwi). (Photo provided by Annette Leutert.)
Calendar Cover 1994
1994 Calendar 

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