Driver Checklists and Trip Manuals

Expedition Pre-departure Checklists

These are the equipment, food, spares and medical lists used to equip the trucks in preparation for an expedition.

EquipmentEquipment List Food ListFood List SparesSpares List
MedicalMedical Kit Icon Medical NotesMedical Notes (1994-1997)

Recipe Book

Icon Recipes Recipe Book

(from around 1984 onward)
• Pages 1-164 are recipes for 20 people
• Pages 165-178 are recipes for Chinese style meals
• Pages 179-215 are recipes for 45 people

Trip Documentation

Icon Passenger List, London to Kathmandu September 1974Example Passenger List – London to Kathmandu September 1974
(The author of the book ‘Kathmandu by Truck’, Barbara Lamplugh, was on this expedition.)
Icon Truck Authority - Lance ThomasTruck Authority Example 1983 Icon Truck Authority - Andy SutcliffeTruck Authority Example 2000

Expedition Manuals

Icon Asia Handbook 1978Asia Handbook March 1978 Icon Africa Handbook 1978Africa Handbook 1978
Icon Notes on Botswana Transit (August 1982)Notes on Botswana transit August 1982 Icon Notes on Malawi Transit (August 1982)Notes on Malawi transit August 1982
Icon Nepal, the Ganges & Rajasthan Brief Encounter Notes (around 1983)Nepal, the Ganges & Rajasthan Brief Encounter Notes (around 1983) Icon Notes on Africa Southbound (29 March 1985)Notes on Africa Southbound (29 March 1985)

Westbound Asia Manual 1998
Iran Manual 1998
Jordan Manual 1998
Pakistan Manual 1998
Syria Manual 1998
Turkey Manual 1998

Cradles of Civilisation Manual 1998

Coach Trips

Himalaya Overland – Pharaoh Itinerary 1984


Icon Pabitra Workshop, Kathmandu 1974Map to Pabitra Workshop, Kathmandu, 1974 Icon Zonobis, Lahore 1974Zonobis Hotel and camping, Lahore 1974