Driver Checklists and Trip Manuals

Expedition Pre-departure Checklists

These are the equipment, food, spares and medical lists used to equip the trucks in preparation for an expedition.
Equipment List
Food List
Food List
Spares List
Medical Kit 
Icon Medical Notes
Medical Notes (1994-1997)

Trip Documentation

Icon Truck Authority - Lance Thomas
Truck Authority Example 1983
Icon Truck Authority - Andy Sutcliffe
Truck Authority Example 2000

Expedition Manuals

Icon Asia Handbook 1978
Asia Handbook March 1978
Icon Africa Handbook 1978
Africa Handbook 1978
Westbound Asia Manual 1998
Iran Manual 1998
Jordan Manual 1998
Pakistan Manual 1998
Syria Manual 1998
Turkey Manual 1998
Cradles of Civilisation Manual 1998

Coach Trips

Himalaya Overland – Pharaoh Itinerary 1984