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The following articles are either about Encounter Overland or mention it as part of the article


Icon 'Longrange Expeditions' Biggleswade Chronicle 8 November 1968
Long-range expeditions planned at Shefford‘ Biggleswade Chronicle
8 November 1968
VacuLug's International Review - Autumn 1969
India return on Duramolds‘ 
Vaculug’s International Review, Autumn 1969


Icon Newspaper article regarding the first Trans-Africa Reconnaissance

Off on a trip that just ‘can’t be done‘”

(possibly from January 1970)

Icon Geographical August 1970
Into the Desert’ by Tom Stoppard.
The Geographical Magazine, August 1970
(Referred to in the 1972 EO Africa Brochure)
Icon The Trailfinder 14 May 1971
Because it is there! A primitive urge. By Anthony Lindsay Jones (on page 3)
The Trailfinder
Edition 1, 14 May 1971 
Kenya Daily Nation newspaper 23 December 1971
Getting the Point in the Congo

Kenyan Daily Nation newspaper article of

23 December 1971 about September 1971 Southbound Africa
(Submitted by David Hardham)
Icon Trailfinder (Spring) 1973
 The Trailfinder Spring 1973 (Edition 5)
Encounter Overland mentioned on page 8
Icon 'Local man etc' re Bruce Davidson Highland Echo 11 September 1975
Local man conducts tourists on 11,000 mile
South American safari – a story about Bruce Davidson.
The Highland Echo
11 September 1975
Icon Telegraph (UK) Sunday Magazine 1978
Africa the Hard Way
Telegraph (UK) – Sunday Magazine 1978
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Icon Trailfinders Article
Himalayan River Running

Trailfinders Magazine (the early 1980s) 
Icon 'If you are looking for adventure' article featuring Gerry Creamer and LLK183K (Biggleswade Chronicle 26 February 1982) copy
If you are looking for adventure
– an article featuring Gerry Creamer
The Biggleswade Chronicle
26 February 1982
Zimbabwe Kidnapping
23 July 1982
•  Time – 9 August 1982

•  New York Times – 13 June 1983
Montreal Gazette – 8 March 1985
Six Expedition Members, all men, were kidnapped by the Zimbabwe People’s Revolutionary Army (ZIPRA) Forces and were to be held in exchange for officials of the opposition party.  But they were murdered. 
The six were:
Kevin Ellis (24) and Brett Baldwin (23)  from the USA; Tony Bajzelz (25) and William Butler (31) from Australia; and James Greenwell (18) and Martyn Hodgson (35) from the UK.
Icon 'One adventure too far'
One adventure too far
The Sunday Times (UK)
9 July 1989
Icon 'Why risk comes with the territory' Sunday Times (UK) 6 August 1989
Why risk comes with the territory
The Sunday Times (UK)
6 August 1989 


PIA Flight 268 disaster
28 September 1992
Icon BBC report of PIA disaster
BBC report
Two Encounter Overland rafters/trek leaders were killed in this accident.
The two leaders were:
James Gwynn III
John Robert Scott Carswell.


An article about the collapse of
Encounter Overland in January 2001 
What recourse do you have if your travel company goes bust?
Telegraph (UK) – 7 April 2001

Text of the article is also at this link. 
Icon 'The Overlanders' - Age newspaper 2002
The Overlanders
The Age, 2002 
Icon Overlanding then and now
Overlanding then and now

The Times
8 December 2009
Icon 'The end of the road'
The end of the road for overland adventures?
Financial Times
3 May 2017