Media Articles

The following articles are either about Encounter Overland or mention it as part of the article.

Biggleswade Chronicle
8 November 1968
Long-range expeditions planned at Shefford Icon 'Longrange Expeditions' Biggleswade Chronicle 8 November 1968 An article about the early Asia and Africa expeditions
1969 Autumn
Vaculug International Review
India return on Duramolds VacuLug's International Review - Autumn 1969 An article about early Asia expeditions with a focus on the performance of Duramold tyres
The Newcastle Evening Chronicle
27 September 1969
Live like a Lapp or catch a coach to Kathmandu Part of the article is about the first EO Africa Southbound; and EO’s plan to offer expeditions in Southeast Asia
January 1970
(paper unknown)
Off on a trip that just ‘can’t be done'” Icon Newspaper article regarding the first Trans-Africa Reconnaissance
August 1970
The Geographical Magazine, August 1970

Into the Desert’ by Tom Stoppard.

Icon Geographical August 1970

(Referred to in the 1972 EO Africa Brochure)

May 5, 1971
Bachelor Holidays Spruiking the Asia overland to singles
The Trailfinder
Edition 1, 14 May 1971
The Trailfinder Spring 1973 (Edition 5) Icon The Trailfinder 14 May 1971 Encounter Overland mentioned on page 8
Canberra Times
8 December 1971
Australians Safe say tour firms At the time of the India/Pakistan war – reporting overland travellers were safe
Kenyan Daily Nation
23 December 1971
Getting the Point in the Congo Kenya Daily Nation newspaper 23 December 1971 about September 1971 Southbound Africa
Spring 1973
The Trailfinder
The Trailfinder Spring 1973 (Edition 5) Icon Trailfinder (Spring) 1973 Encounter Overland mentioned on page 8
The Birmingham Daily Post
25 October 1973
Midland Woman dies in Turkish crash Reporting the accident in Turkey involving an EO truck and the death of five expedition members. Those killed were Jennifer Martin, Mary Binning and Stephen Norris of the UK; an Australian (see next article) and an American.
Canberra Times
25 October 1973
Australians in smash Reporting the accident in Turkey involving an EO truck and the death of five expedition members. The Australian woman killed was Miss Marion (last name unclear possibly Guy).
The Trailfinder
Encounter in South America An article by L/D Barry Thorne about crossing Bolivia’s Salar de Uyuni salt lake – and breaking through the hard surface.
See also Barry Thorne’s dossier and additional information from Peter Lechte
Possibly May 1975
Behind the Scenes of Overland Possibly draft article for Trailfinders Magazine about what’s behind the countdown to an overland expedition
The Highland Echo
11 September 1975
Local man conducts tourists on 11,000 mile South American safari Icon 'Local man etc' re Bruce Davidson Highland Echo 11 September 1975 A story about L/D Bruce Davidson
Overland Travel Monthly
Vol2 No2
Overland Travel Monthly Vol2 No2 (complete magazine) Icon Overland Travel Monthly Vol2 No2 1975 Many articles about overlanding including advertisements for Encounter Overland expeditions.
Overland Travel Monthly
Vol2 No3
Overland Travel Monthly Vol2 No3 (complete magazine) Icon Overland Travel Monthly Vol2 No3 1975 Many articles about overlanding including advertisements for Encounter Overland expeditions.

This edition includes a story by EO Leader/Driver Bob Sheldon about a small challenge on an Africa southbound which went through southern Sudan because Zaire’s borders were closed.

Bedford Transport Magazine
May 1976
The rough, tough overland holiday An article about Encounter Overland published in Vauxhall’s industry magazine
Telegraph (UK) – Sunday Magazine
27 November 1977
Africa the Hard Way Icon Telegraph (UK) Sunday Magazine 1978
(Magazine not known)
Who’s Who in Overland Icon Who's Who In Overland An article about Tony Jones, founder of Encounter Overland
Undated Media Advertisement (undated) UK Newspaper Advert (undated).jpg
Australasian Post
2 March, 1978
Africa – and Bust..! An article by Leader/Driver Allan Townsing about Encounter Overland trans-Africa expeditions
The Sunday Telegraph
26 March, 1978
Scalping the Sahara Crossing the Sahara as far as Kano on an EO expedition
Trailfinders Magazine (the early 1980s) Himalayan River Running Icon Trailfinders Article
Jobs Weekly
September 10, 1980
The Overlanders An interview with Rob Rumball about Encounter Overland recruiting and showing Neal Inwood removing a half-shaft
North Herts Gazette
October 29, 1981
Doorway to a world of adventure An interview with Gary Strand, Encounter Overland Leader/Driver
The Sunday Times
January 31, 1982
Hats off to gorilla troop 13 A visit to the mountain gorillas in Rwanda (mentions EO’s Mountain Gorilla safaris out of Dar-es-Salaam)
The Biggleswade Chronicle
26 February 1982
If you are looking for adventure Icon 'If you are looking for adventure' article featuring Gerry Creamer and LLK183K (Biggleswade Chronicle 26 February 1982) copy An article featuring Gerry Creamer
Zimbabwe Kidnapping
23 July 1982
Six Expedition Members, all men, were kidnapped by the Zimbabwe People’s Revolutionary Army (ZIPRA) Forces and were to be held in exchange for officials of the opposition party. But they were murdered. The six were:
Kevin Ellis (24) and Brett Baldwin (23) from the USA; Tony Bajzelz (25) and William Butler (31) from Australia; and James Greenwell (18) and Martyn Hodgson (35) from the UK.
The Times
July 26, 1982
Zimbabwe jets destroyed in night raid Mentions the kidnapping of the Encounter Overland group in July 1982
The Daily Telegraph
July 27, 1982
Aid given to Britons’ kidnappers Reports on aid being given by villagers to kidnappers of Encounter Overland expedition members
Time Magazine
9 August 1982
Feuding fathers of their Country (Zimbabwe) Mentions the kidnapping of the Encounter Overland group in July 1982
The Illustrated London News
January 1, 1983
In search of the past Brief mention of EO’s South America expeditions
New York Times
13 June 1983
Six Tourist who were Seized in Zimbabwe said to be Dead Mentions the kidnapping of the Encounter Overland group in July 1982
The Washington Post
4 March 1984
Fearless Traveler Overlanding: The Bargain Of Adventure Travel Article about overlanding generally which includes mention of EO’s expeditions
Montreal Gazette
8 March 1985
Kidnap Tourists’ Bodies Found: Zimbabwe Mentions the kidnapping of the Encounter Overland group in July 1982
The Globe and Mail
13 July 1985
Touring storybook Africa A journey through Zaire. EO is described as operating ‘the most frequent and expensive Africa trips’.
The Daily Telegraph
March 15, 1986
The inland ocean at the top of the world A description of Lake Titicaca. The writer had been on an EO Lima to Rio expedition.
The Washington Post
8 November 1987
Life, Death and Corruption on an African Mainstream A description of a trip down the Zaire River. The article mentions an EO group that was also on the boat.
Canberra Times
9 February 1988
Scaling new heights the highlight of his life An article about Gary Scott, a Canberra-boy and one of EO’s rafting and trek leaders.
Star Tribune
13 March 1988
GETTING THERE: Unusual transportation is the latest travel trend An article about unusual holidays including an EO’s ‘Trans-Globe 89′ 63-week round the world expedition
16 May 1988
Argentine weekly speculates on possible links between British tourists and MI6 Encounter Overland trips being watched by Argentine intelligence for suspected links with MI6
The Globe and Mail
21 May 1988
Taking the slow, (bumpy) road to China An article about travelling the Karakoram Highway and mentions meeting up with an EO group.
The Sunday Times
August 21, 1988
Daring the Darien A story about an EO trek across the Darien Gap led by Allardes Hoiting.
The Newcastle Evening Chronicle (UK)
25 February 1989
African Adventure for Helen Helen Armstrong has the chance to go on a gorilla safari in East Africa
The Sunday Times (UK)
9 July 1989
One adventure too far Icon 'One adventure too far'
The Sunday Times (UK)
6 August 1989
Why risk comes with the territory Icon 'Why risk comes with the territory' Sunday Times (UK) 6 August 1989
The Boston Sunday Globe
May 27, 1990
What a deal: 14 countries for $3,000 An article about a London to Nairobi expedition (departed December 1989) led by Annie Bradshaw
The Sunday Times
May 12, 1991
Summer Times – Africa Overland An article about overlanding through Africa mentioning EO
The Advocate Weekender
8 June 1991
Couple’s African Trauma A story about a couple who were on the truck (Q504NPP) which was hijacked and stolen in Mali.
Listener and TV Times, New Zealand
3 February 1992
Travels with Annie The article is about Annie Bradshaw’s Great Overland Encounter (GOE) which departed Kathmandu 15 March 1985. Annie had an accident with a tractor in Pakistan; the truck broke down in western Sudan on the way to the Central African Republic in August 1985; and to add to her challenges, a seven-year drought broke just before she arrived in Sudan making tracks impassable.
PIA Flight 268 disaster
28 September 1992
BBC report Icon BBC report of PIA disaster Two Encounter Overland rafters/trek leaders were killed in this accident. They were:
James Gwynn III
John Robert Scott Carswell.
The Independent
29 September 1992
Britons die in air crash – Pakistan International Airlines Airbus disaster The article is about the PIA Flight 268 disaster and includes mention of the two EO rafters/trek leaders killed in the crash.
The Guardian
29 September 1992
British family of five among Kathmandu jet victims Also about the PIA Flight 268 disaster.
The Independent
13 August 1993
A real adventure (and so cheap) An article about sustainable tourism which mentions EO (in a very odd way).
The Sunday Times
March 20, 1994
Less risky business About the changing face of adventure travel.
Sunday Tribune Natal
March 19, 1995
WANTED Bundu-bashers to tackle the darkest of Africa An article about EO Trans Africa Expeditions (with some rather out of place photos)
The Independent
16 April 1995
On the Africa Road Show The author was on an EO expedition from Cape Town through Namibia and Botswana to Harare. The trip was led by a ‘good natured Australian called Ian’ (Ian Ransom).
The Daily Telegraph
May 18, 1996
Attacking malaria Refers to EO providing chloroquine and proguanil anti-malarial drugs to EMs – quoting Warren Burton.
The Times
June 15, 1996
A few scorchers on the old silk road Mentions EO being able to arrange visits to the Chinese section of the Silk Road.
19961120 Travel Trade Gazette
20 November 1996
Back in the tourism fold Brief description of EO’s 4-week Cape Town to Harare expedition via Mozambique
The Sunday Times
December 15, 1996
Rough Crossing The author was on an Africa southbound with an un-named company. The article mentions EO flying EM’s over Zaire because of the war in eastern Zaire. Also refers to Encounter as ‘the first overland company’; and includes a photo of GLP203J.
Wisconsin State Journal
8 January 1997
War, what is it good for? A vacation backdrop Colombian trek lands Madison man in the middle of paramilitary guerrilla crossfire. A short article about an EO Darien Gap trek.
The Times
February 8, 1997
International Travel Tips Mentions EO expanding its shorter holidays to cater for ‘money-OK, time-short executives’.
The Daily Telegraph
March 15, 1997
Concern at Colombian killngs The report includes mention that EO has changed its itinerary for the Colombian end of the Darien Gap treks because of activity by FARC rebels.
Travel Trade Gazette
30 April 1997
Latin America Warren Burton confirms ‘Britons were becoming more adventurous’.
The Times
November 1, 1997
Libyan adventure on Africa trek Small item advising EO was seeking ‘18 seasoned trailblazers’ for a ‘pioneering trip across the North African desert from Cairo to Tunis’.
The Sunday Times
December 28, 1997
Date with destiny A proposal by EO for 2000 which would see groups leaving from the UK and New Zealand and meeting halfway in Africa
Travel Trade Gazette
18 March 1998
Uganda joins trekking list EO introduces treks in Uganda
The Irish Times
14 May 1998
Surviving the unspeakable Two EMs who did the Nairobi to Ethiopia trip were on Ethiopian Airways Flight ET961 which was hijacked and later crashed into the sea in the Comoros Islands. Both survived the crash.
The Sunday Times
July 26, 1998
Rough Crossing The author travelled as a guest of EO on the Cairo to Tunis expedition; led by Geoff Spillett.
Gloucestershire Echo
16 September 1998
From big chill to life in the freezer – what a trip! Tells of a group of teenagers who raised money to do a 4-week EO trip in Peru.
The Sunday Times
October 25, 1998
Plans for year-long trips abandoned Small item advising EO has abandoned plans for the year-long trips departing New Zealand and the UK.
Travel Trade Gazette
3 February 1999
Central Asia tour added by Encounter Overland Advises of an EO reconnaissance trip along the Asian North West Frontier departing from Islamabad.
The Sun
3 March 1999
SAS man will negotiate for Brit hostages; Kidnap; Murder The article refers to the killing of eight tourists in Uganda by Hutu rebels. Quotes Wayne Moore from EO.
London Evening Standard
3 March 1999
‘THE BUNGLED WARNINGS’; Ugandans failed to pass on threats from rebels say tour firms Similar to the article of the same date in The Sun newspaper.
The Guardian
4 March 1999
Tourism – Travel firms should advise the FO Article urges tourism operators to help the Foreign Office formulate travel advice. Quotes Wayne Burton (sic) from EO.
The Times
15 May 1999
The pioneer spirit – Travellers’ Bulletin Board – Travel tips Some further brief detail about EO’s reconnaissance expedition to Central Asia.
Sunday Star Times
16 May 1999
Cairo to Kathmandu off the beaten track A brief description of an overland undertaken by a New Zealand woman – probably with EO.
The Sunday Telegraph
August 15, 1999
Beware guns and naked gun rustlers An article about the history of the overlanding business including mention of EO.
The Times
August 30, 1999
Spirit of adventure is female An article about the growth in interest in activity holidays. Warren Burton says ‘it is usually the women who want to “get out there and get on with it”’.
Travel Trade Gazette
13 March 2000
Encounter Overland adds to programme Advises of EO’s new trip in Irian Jaya.
Travel Trade Gazette
10 April 2000
Encounter launches website for agents EO launches a website.
The Times
11 November 2000
Jill Crawshaw has the best holiday suggestions A short article on an EO reconnaissance expedition from Quito in Ecuador to Iquitos in Peru mainly via river transport.
Articles about the collapse of Encounter Overland
The Mail on Sunday
21 January 2001
The painful lesson from this sorry Encounter An article about the closing down of EO.
The Times
February 14, 2001
Notice of appointment of Joint Liquidators Joint Liquidators appointed on 1 February 2001
Travel Trade Gazette
29 January 2001
Dragoman buys part of stricken rival Article advises Dragoman has bought some EO assets.
The Telegraph
7 April 2001
What recourse do you have if your travel company goes bust? An article about the collapse of Encounter Overland in January 2001.
(Original article is also at this link.)
The Times
December 24, 2001
Encounter Overland (Limited) in liquidation What more can be said. Vale Encounter Overland!
Post 2001
The Age
(exact date unclear)
The Overlanders A historical article about overlanding which includes mention of EO
March 03, 2002
Adventure rules in third world travel In part, describes a 1978 EO London to Kathmandu trip by the author Chris Stockdale.
Financial Times
June 14, 2003
No mint on my pillow The author describes her EO trip in Southern India.
Hobart Mercury
9 June 2008
`Soap opera’ with teeth (and claws) An article about Jonathan Scott of ‘Big Cat Diary’ fame which includes mention of his 1974 EO London to Johannesburg overland.
Sunday Tribune
27 October 2013
Sky Chaser An article about pilot Tracey Curtis-Taylor who planned to fly from South Africa to the UK in 2013, mentions how she had earlier been with EO on an Africa northbound (no date given).
The Local
April 2016
A man, a truck and a world to wander An article about Encounter Overland Leader/Driver Dave Johnson.
Financial Times
6 May 2017
The end of the road for overland adventures? An article about the increasing dangers of overland travel quoting Mike James of Exodus Travel who worked for EO in the early 1990s.
Q Spirit (Qantas Magazine)
June 2017
The Traveller Michael Robotham Renowned author Michael Robotham describes his 1988 London to Kathmandu overland (led by Ian Stevenson)
Nepali Times
12 July 2020
Hippie Trail nostalgia in Kathmandu
An article by Lisa Choegyal (New Zealand’s Honorary Consul to Nepal) which mentions Encounter Overland and Tony Jones