Staff Roll Call

This page lists the people who worked for Encounter Overland and Himalaya Overland/Sundowners Overland between 1968 and 2001. Names are listed in alphabetical order by the person’s first name.  Women are listed with their maiden surname and then married name if applicable (and known).

Most men were Leader/Drivers (L/D) and most women were office staff. Individuals whose roles were different have been noted (where known).

The list is not complete. Several former staff whose full names are still a mystery are included at the end the list. If anyone has more information or knows of other staff, or identifies errors in the list, please advise using the facility on the Contact page or via the Encounter Overland Crew Facebook page.

There are several Honourable Mentions of people who were significant contributors to the company or assisted the company in a substantial manner.

Adam Hobbs
Adam Lowe
Adrian Mortimer
Adrian Mumby
Aggie Ross
Alan Chappin (Sundowners driver)
Alan Donnelly
Alan Dougal
Alan Griffiths
Alan Jeffries (aka Radar)
Alan Kiff (RIP)
Alan Radcliffe
Alfie Smith
Alfred (Freddy) Glaser
Alison Muir Bennett (aka Alison Swan)
Alison Moore
Allan (Al) Townsing(Died South America 1980 on a private expedition. RIP)
Allardes Hoiting
Allyn Glaysher
Anders Blomquist (rafter)
Andre van der Most
Andrew Bailey
Andy Gluyas
Andy Stratford
Andy Sutcliffe
Angela Birkhard
Angus Fraser
Angus (Gus) Scott-Knight
Annabel Aggie Ross
Anne Willox
Annette Leutert
Annie Bradshaw (L/D)
Annie Meagher (RIP)
Annika Sarek (rafter)
Anthony Dryer
Anthony (Tony) Williamson
Antonio Rusciano
Aroha Uea (office)
Augie Huw Owen (L/D)
Barbara King (office, London and San Francisco) (RIP)
Barry Leber
Barry Thorne
Belinda Smith (office, circa 1993)
Ben Wallace (rafter and trek leader late 1970s early 1980s)
Ben Wishard (rafter)
Berni Frefel
Bernie Goodworth
Bert Hughes
Beth Baylay (office)
Beverley Hornibrook
Bill Johnson
Bill McIlwraith
Bill McMann
Bill Preston (aka Gas-Axe)
Bill Tongue
Bill Wallace
Bob Arnold
Bobby Balcon
Bob Colman
Bob Crawford (aka Haggis) (RIP) (Sundowners driver)
Bob Gledhill
Bob Johnston
Bob Law
Bob Pearson (Captain Gypsy)
Bob Sheldon (aka Wurzel) (RIP)
Bob St Aubin
Brendan Gibbons
Brian Feltovich
Brian Hedley (aka Gunna)(Sundowners courier)
Brian Thomas
Bruce Davidson
Bruce Hills
Bruce Watkins
Bryan Wallace
Calum McColgan
Carmela Bromhead Jones (office)
Camilla Radcliffe
Carole Hayward (now Paish) (L/D)
Caroline Lockyer-Nibbs (office)
Catherine M. Mullaly
Cathy Dove (office)
Cathy Storey
Celia Lowe
Charles Wright
Charlie Mackintosh
Charlie Norwood
Charlie Totterdell
Chris Aindow
Chris Beer
Chris Eden
Chris Hanvey
Chris Hopes
Chris Lovell
Chris Manley (RIP)
Chris Marks
Chris Mitchell
Chris Moore
Chris Neill
Chris O’Neil
Chris Parlapiano
Chris Robinson
Chris Smith
Chrissy Downing (office)
Christian Manley
Christine Newton (courier)
Claire Swindale
Claire Mortimer (office)
Clive Goddard
Clive Imrie
Clive Jones
Clive Umbers
Colin Hill (aka Chill, rafter)
Colin Livesey
Cory Fee
Craig Titheradge (aka Tits)
Darren Nicholson
Darryl Saunders
Dave Allardice (RIP)
Dave Coulter
Dave Fusco
Dave Harrington (RIP)
Dave Johnson (1989-1994)
Dave Johnson(aka Captain Cuddles)(1981-1987)
Dave Lanaway
Dave Rumball (Rob Rumball’s brother)
Dave Marshall (RIP)
David Dallimore (aka Hammy) (rafter)
David Hunt (RIP)
David Hunter
David Mascall
David Robertson (aka Harley. Died from cerebral malaria CAR 1986. RIP)
David Walkley
Dawn Aitchison (office)
Deb Ferriera (now Horand-Smith) (office)
Deepak Kumar (rafter)
Denise Martin (office, now Müller)
Dennis Cornell
Derek Biddle
Derek Zelcer (Himalaya Overland Courier, office sales and promos)
Des Putt
Dianne Sieden (office)
Dick Wheaton
Dominic Cassidy
Dominic Kawalec
Donna Alsgard-Sheard
Dot Young (Sundowners courier)
Duncan Gowan
Ed Donnelly (RIP)
Ed Hamilton
Eleanor Taylor
Elspeth Moat
Fernando Piniero
Fiona (Fi) Hanks (L/D)
Fiona Hussey (now Blake) (office)
Fiona Powell (now Clunies-Ross) (office)
Frank Lightburn
Frank McClaughlan
Frank Peeters
Fred Cherry (workshop, tilt maker)
Fred Chuter
Fred Tobler
Gar Powell-Evans
Gareth Ayers (aka Riff)
Gary Scott (rafter and trek leader)
Gary Strand
Geoff Cordwell
Geoffrey Roy
Geoff Spillet
George Proudian
Georgie Donald
Gerry Moffat (rafter)
Gerry Rance
Ghali Alaoui (Honourable mention, Guide, Fez)
Giles Grimstone
Gill Spells (L/D)
Glenn Baker
Graeme Kidd
Graham Burn
Graham Smith (aka Floppy)
Graham Wayling
Greg Paul (Sundowners driver)
Guy Cowley
Guy Robbins
Halford Hewitt
Harriet Oldridge (aka H)
Harry Marsh
Heather Kerr (office)
Heather Russell
Heather Squires
Hector Rumball (Honourable Mention – Rob Rumball’s father) (RIP)
Ian Brown
Ian Johnstone
Ian Milarvie (Rafter)
Ian Ransom
Ian Skellern
Ian Stevenson (Dossier) (Tusk Conservation Awards)
Ian Way
Ian Wilkinson
Ivan Hurst
Ivan Hutchinson (Sundowners driver)
Jackson Hargreaves
James Alexander(RIP)
James Chetwode (office)
James Gwynn III (Rafter. Killed in PIA Flight 268 crash 28 September 1992, Kathmandu. RIP)
James Hill
James Hogg
James Roberts
James Runnicles
Jamie Noble
Jan Chignall (office)
Jane Wilson (now Hoiting)
Jane Sweeney
Janice Aldridge
Janine Kohler
Janine Thomson
Jaque Robbertze
Jeanette James (rafter)
Jennifer Lumsden-Gordon (office)
Jenny Brooke
Jenny Levey (Sundowners Courier)
Jeremy Cattell (aka Spiny)
Jeremy Grimshaw (aka Jez) (rafter)
Jerry Creamer
Jill Richardson (Office)
Jim Montgomery (first skipper of Gypsy)
Jim Whittaker (RIP)
Jo King
Jo Yip (Sundowners courier)
Jock Montgomery (rafter)
John Blinco(Honourable Mention) (RIP)
John Cadney
John Clark (Company Accountant)
John Finch-Davies (RIP)
John Hayward
John Kubryn (rafter)
John Leivers
John McKerral
John Mawby (RIP)
John Moseley
John Robert Scott Carswell (Rafter. Killed on PIA Flight 268 crash 28 September 1992, Kathmandu. RIP)
John Scully
John Simmons
Johnny Paterson
Johno Wells
Jonathan Rohan Kickham
Jon Taylor
Jon West
Josephine Newey
Joy Balcon (office Johannesburg and London)
Julia Flaherty (office)
Julia Meller
Julie Harrington
Juliet Lindsay (office)
June Barnett (office)
Karen Brewer
Karen Sheiles
Kate Watson
Kath Larsen
Katherine Tory
Keith Breakspear (aka Shaker)
Keith Miller(RIP)
Keith Turner
Ken Haslam
Ken Roulston
Kerry Bluett
Kev Burn
Kevin Bidgood
Kevin Heeley
Kevin Phillips
Kieron Lynch
Kim O’Toole
Kurt Fritsche
Lance Thomas (RIP)
Laurence Jones
Leanne Edwards (L/D)
Lee Sutherland
Les Ferguson
Lianne Moloney (now Wilson) (Sundowners Courier)
Lianne Ning (Sundowners Courier)
Libby Sawyer (rafter)
Linda Banks (Office)
Lionel Kleinot
Lisa Roberts (Sundowners Courier)
Lizzy Templer
Lindi Wall (L/D)
Lucinda Lang (Sundowners courier)
Madhu Thapa
Malcolm Brown
Malcolm Harrison
Malcolm Gascoigne (RIP)
Margaret Sexton
Margot Bell (office)
Marion Verhoef (Sundowners courier)
Marjolein (Mo) Prins (Courier)
Mark Fittall
Mark Ford
Mark Hopkins
Mark Lester
Mark Neilson (aka Kiwi)
Mark Ram (Honourable Mention – brochure and ENFLASH artist)
Mark Spitzer
Mark VanderWel (rafter)
Marshall Boyes
Martin Blackgrove
Martin Crabb
Martin Hayes
Martin Hyles
Martin Watkinson
Matt Bowen
Matt Padwick
Matt Hollingsworth
Matthew Richardson
Megan Afford (office. now Hall)
Meg Howard (Sundowners courier)
Mel Kale
Melissa Colston
Melissa Disney
Merle Friedenberg
Mia Jourdan
Michael Donkin
Michael Gott
Michael Pugh
Michael Schultz
Michael Stephens
Michael Travers
Michelle Scully
Mick Larkin
Mick Millington
Mike Beedie
Mike Bell
Mike Brown
Mike (Eddie) Edwards (British)
Mike Edwards (New Zealand)
Mike Godfrey
Mike Higginson (aka Animal) (rafter)
Mike Hewlett (aka Conan) (rafter)
Mike James
Mike Lewis
Mike Robinson
Mike Wedgwood
Mike Wood
Mikkel Squire
Mitch Johnson
Mohan Sim Limbu (Nepali rafter, 1988)
Moira Welikanna (office)
Monica Wood (Himalaya Overland courier)
Morris Turner (storeman Wren Park) (RIP)
Murray Kirk (RIP)
Murray Watson
Neal Inwood
Neil Donovan
Neil Featherstone
Neil Podmore
Nick Fulford
Nick Ockenden
Nick Robinson
Nick Slater
Nick Wheeler
Nick Wilson
Nicola Branch (office)
Nigel Allison (aka Nobby)
Nigel Pogmore
Nik Branch
Nikki Stevens
Niraj Shrestha
Norman Laselles
Olly Phillips Owen Wilson
Paddy Donovan
Patrick Foy
Patrick Taylor
Paul Bilborough (aka Bilbo)
Paul Cripps (rafter)
Paul Cunnington
Paul Forbes-Winslow
Paul Harrison
Paul Matthews
Paul Wood
Peggy Gregory-Jenkins
Pete Getgood
Pete Goodwin (rafter)
Pete Melick
Peter Abel
Peter Bajzelj
Peter Brodie
Peter Chilton
Peter Hickey
Peter Housego (aka Fingers)(RIP)(Sundowners driver)
Peter Jones (aka Corgi. Rafter and trek leader)
Peter McAlister
Peter Leeners
Peter Ogden
Peter Stevens
Peter Williamson (Honourable Mention – helped extensively with brochure development RIP)
Phil Colbert
Phil Eagles
Phil Harwood
Phil Sheard
Phill Dilley
Rachel Murphy (office)
Raju Shrestra
Ray Drda
Ray Wolfe
Rebecca Wallace (office)
Reg Sysum (office, accountant)
Rein Kamar
René Müller
Rene Stolp
Rich McConnell
Richard Dear
Richard Sasse
Richard Sitch
Richard Taylor
Rinjin (Nepali (actually from Darjeeling) rafter who died on the Sun Kosi in 1987. RIP)
Rob Hall
Rob Heyes
Rob Rumball
Robert Bonser
Robert Hunt
Robert Vass
Robbie Whelan (RIP)
Robyn Ockenden (now Watson)
Robyn Spoor (Sundowners courier)
Rod Hogg
Roger Lancaster
Ron Macbeth
Rosemary Anderson (office, now Clark)
Ross Battersby
Ross Goudie
Ross Maugham
Russell Vincent
Ruth Barton (now Boyes)
Ruth Clipperton
Sally Baxter (office late 1980s, now Smith)
Samantha Stone
Samuel Mostarda
Sandy Herbert (now Johnson)
Sandy Moring (now Thorburn, office)
Sarah Ewing (L/D aka BT)
Sarah Hollingsworth(now Johnston, office)
Sarah Peterson (office)
Sarah Wolf
Scott Tulloch
Shane Boocock
Shion Scudamore
Shiva Ram Bogati (General fixer, Kathmandu, aka Houston)
Sid Kyte
Sid McKinley (Himalaya Overland driver)
Simon Boon
Simon Froggatt
Simon Maddison
Simon Osborne
Simon Strong
Slater Crosby (rafter)
Spike Langford
Stan Moffat
Stephen Stewart
Steve Abbott
Steve Kelly
Steve Mortimer
Steve Nicholls
Steve Pearce
Steve Satow
Steve Tester (RIP)
Steve Wood
Stuart Arch
Stuart Jenkins (RIP)
Suzanna Triall (now Hinnell, office)
Sylvia Morgan
Tabs Cooper
Terry O’Brien (Himalaya Overland driver)
Terry Usmar
Tim Brett
Tim Coulson
Tim Duggan
Tim English
Tim Larby
Tim Rivett
Tom Colville
Tommy Mather
Toni Harris (office)
Toni Weldon(RIP)
Tony Alston (RIP)
Tony Barnes
Tony Dodds
Tony Ellis
Tony Jones
Tony King
Tony Simmons
Tony Sloyan
Tony Watson
Tracey Codd
Tracey Parkes
Tracy Fiala (Sundowners courier)
Trevor Mills
Trevor Zobell
Trish Burt
Velita Robinson
Veronica Foote
Vernon Oakley
Vez Morris
Vicky Hayward (now Nash, office)
Wally Jones
Walther van Alphen
Warren Burton (aka Mr Suti)
Warwick Brewer (aka Sumo)
Wayne Moore
Wayne Findlay
Wendy Bock (now Smith)
Wendy Griffin
Will Fell
William Tremlett
Wim Jacobusse
Yorem Allon
-Mystery Staff-

– an Australian from Tasmania with the nickname Jed (after Jed Clampett in the Beverly Hillbillies) Surname Butler (rafter)
– an American with first name Jeff/Geoff (rafter)
– Simmone (surname unknown) (office)