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This is a collection of promotional material for Encounter Overland and Himalaya Overland/Sundowners (post-1982).  
Encounter Overland expeditions were first advertised in the major British newspapers.  This was continued throughout the years Encounter operated. Samples of these advertisements, starting with an advert for the first Encounter Overland expedition in 1964, follow.
Encounter Overland brochures include some of the earliest brochures sent to inquirers responding to the early newspaper advertisements for the expeditions, through to the glossy brochures of later years for display in travel agents. There are also copies of the Nomad Life pamphlet which was produced mostly in Johannesburg to promote the expeditions. There is a copy of one Nomad Life produced in Kathmandu. 
Other material includes stand-alone Brief Encounter pamphlets, the Trans-Borneo Reconnaissance Expedition 1993 pamphlet, the South America promotional film Good and Dusty, The Planned Wilderness – a  film about East African wildlife (including the Mountain Gorillas) filmed on an Encounter safari, and various stickers, flyers, posters and calendars including the slightly risque 1994 Calendar.
The years some of the early brochures were produced has been a bit difficult to determine. If there are errors please send corrections via email as per the Contact page. And if you have missing brochures or any other promotional material, please also get in touch.
Just scroll down to view all the promotional material or jump to each section using the links below.

Newspaper Advertisements

Encounter Overland Brochures

Brief Encounters Brochures

Films & Slide Shows

Posters, Stickers, Flyers etc

Himalaya Overland / Sundowners Brochures

Newspaper Advertisements

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These are samples of newspaper advertisements placed in major United Kingdom newspapers.  These advertisements appeared in newspapers probably on average around five out of every seven days.  (Apart from 1964 and 1967, click on each image then scroll down to see multiple advertisements.)


19640217 The Times - February 17, 1964
19640217 The Times – February 17, 1964

19670902 The Times - September 2, 1967
19670902 The Times – September 2, 1967

19670903 The Sunday Times - September 3, 1967
19670903 The Sunday Times – September 3, 1967
1968 and 1969 Newspaper Advertisements
Icon 1960s Advertisements
1970s Newspaper Advertisements
Icon 1970s Advertisements
1980s Newspaper Advertisements
Icon 1980s Advertisements
1990s Newspaper Advertisements
Icon 1990s Advertisements

Encounter Overland Brochures

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Encounter Overland 1960’s

Icon London to Calcutta 1968
London to Calcutta 1968 
Brochure 1969 Expedition to India Kashmir and Nepal
Expedition to India, Kashmir and Nepal – 1969
Icon Booking Form - London to Calcutta Trips 1968
London to Calcutta Booking Form
Icon Booking Form - 1969
Booking Form 1969
Icon High Atlas and Sahara 1968
Reconnaissance Expedition to Sahara and High Atlas 1968
Brochure - High Atlas and Sahara
Expedition to High Atlas and Sahara (undated) 
Icon High Atlas and Sahara 1968
Trans-Sahara Expedition to the Yankari Game Reserve, Lagos, the Upper Reaches of the Niger and Timbuktu 1969
(expedition did not eventuate)
Icon First Africa Reconnaissance Trip 1969 - Brochure
Reconnaissance Expedition to South Africa 1969
A departure date of 11 October 1969 is advertised, but the first expedition actually departed 31 January 1970

Encounter Overland 1970’s

Icon Flyer To the Roof of the World
Icon Flyer Trans Africa Adventure
Two sided Flyer – Asia and Africa Overland (undated but early 1970s)
Icon South East Asia Recce Expeditions
1st and 2nd Recce Expeditions to South East Asia (Malaya, Thailand, Laos and Cambodia) 1970
Icon To the Roof of the World 1971
Trans-Asia – To the Roof of the World 1971 
Icon To the Roof of the World 1972
Trans-Asia – To the Roof of the World 1972
Brochure Africa 1971 72
Trans Africa late 1971 to early 1972 (published July 1971)
Cover photo from the first Trans Africa – December 1969 to April 1970
Brochure - Trans Africa 1972
Trans Africa (published January 1972)
Icon Overlanders Guide to Connecting Travel 1972.jpg
The Overlanders Guide to Connecting Travel 1972
Icon South America Reconnaissance Mission 1972 Booking Form.jpg
South America Reconnaissance Expedition 1972 – Booking Form
Nomad Life (Joburg) 1973-02
Nomad Life  Joburg
February 1973
Nomad Life (Joburg) 1973-05 06
Nomad Life  Joburg
May, June 1973
Nomad Life (Joburg) 1973-07 08
Nomad Life Joburg
July, August 1973
Nomad Life (Joburg) 1973-09 12
Nomad Life
Sept to Dec 1973
Nomad Life (Joburg) 1974-04
Nomad Life

April 1974
Brochure - South America
1974 and later: South America brochure.
Based on the brochure for the Recon Expedition which started Dec 1972.
Nomad Life (Joburg) 1975-01
Nomad Life
January 1975
Map South America
Map attached to South America brochure
Icon Encounter Overland Brochure 1974-75
Asia, Africa, South America Dates and Prices 
Icon Brochure 1975 Asia
1975 Trans-Asia ‘To the Roof of the World’
Icon Encounter Overland Brochure 1976 (Asia)
Trans-Asia 1976
Brochure 1977 Asia
Trans Asia 1977
Brochure 1978 0
1978 – long hauls
This brochure appears to have been published for a primarily US audience.
Brochure 1978 0 compact version
1978 – long hauls and some Brief Encounters
This brochure appears to have been published for a primarily US audience.
Icon Dates and Prices 1977Dates and Prices 1977
Icon 1977-78 Brochure (Aus$s)
1977/1978 Dates and Prices (AU$)

Icon Dates and Prices 1978 (Rand)

Dates and Prices 1978 (Rand)
Icon Dates and Prices 1978 (UKP)
Dates and Prices 1978 (UK£)
Nomad Life (Kathmandu) 1979
Nomad Life
Kathmandu 1979
Brochure 1979 0 long hauls
1979 – long hauls
Icon Dates and Prices 1979
Dates and Prices 1979

Encounter Overland 1980’s

Brochure 1980 0
Brochure 1981 82 0
1981 (Sept) to 1982 (Aug)
Brochure 1982 0
Brochure 1983 84 0
Brochure 1984 85 0
Brochure 1985 86 0
Brochure 1986 87 0
Brochure 1987 88 0
Brochure 1988 89 0
Brochure 1989 90 0

Encounter Overland 1990’s

Brochure 1990 91 0
Icon Encounter Overland Brochure 1991 92
Brochure 1992 93
Icon Dates and Prices 1992-93
Dates and Prices 1992/93 (AU$) 
Icon Dates and Prices 1992-1993 (UKP)
Dates and Prices 1992/93 (UK£)
Icon Encounter Overland Brochure 1993 - 1994
Brochure 1994 95 0
Icon Brochure 1995-1997
1995 to 1997
Icon Dates and Prices 1993-1994 (UKP)
Dates and Prices 1993/94 (UK£)
Brochure 1997 98 0
Icon Encounter Overland Brochure 1998-99
Brochure 1999 00 1

Encounter Overland 2000’s

Icon Encounter Overland Brochure 2000-01

Encounter (Dragoman) 2000’s

Brochure 2001 2002 1

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Films and Slide Shows

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The links to the films below will open in a separate tab in your browser and access a Google Drive folder.  The films have been transferred from celluloid to VHS tape and then digitised so they are not high quality.
Icon for film 'To the Roof of the World'
Encounter Overland produced a promotional film of a London to Kathmandu expedition which departed in late 1969.  The film was titled ‘To the Roof of the World’.
No copy of the film has been located.  If you know where a copy might be please get in touch through the Contact page.
Good and Dusty The Planned Wilderness
South America
This film was made on the first Encounter South America overland expedition (the Reconnaissance Expedition) which started in December 1972.
(This version of the film includes footage of the shooting of Swedish cameraman Leonardo Henrichsen on 29 June 1973 in Santiago.  A version without this footage was shown at promotional events.)
East Africa
A film made in 1982 on an Encounter Overland East Africa and Mountain Gorilla Safari.


Trans-Africa Slide Show
The slide show used to promote the Africa Overland showing scenes from a northbound trip.


Flyer for promotional evenings

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Posters, Stickers, Flyers, Calendars etc

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Posters and Stickers

This is a collection of the various stickers and posters Encounter had over the years.
Encounter Overland sticker
Where there's a wheel there's a way
‘Where there’s a wheel there’s a way’
Where there's a wheel there's a way - sticker

Truck sketch.jpg
‘Involve Yourself’ sketch
'The Adventure Machine' Transfer

The Adventure Machine Sticker
Adventure machine sticker.jpg
The Adventure Machine Sticker
EO Man with binoculars
The Binoculars Man (otherwise known as the ‘where the fuck are we’ logo)
 EO - we rediscover 3 continents.jpg Flyer designed by Jill Richardson 0 
Flyer designed by Jill Richardson
Icon Africa routes poster
Africa routes poster
Asia Poster (Circa 1980) (David Hunter)
Asia routes poster
South America poster (circa 1980) (David Hunter)
South America routes poster
Established 1964 logo


Calendar 1976:77 - Africa Trucks on ferry CAR
This is the cover of a 1976/1977 Calendar. Two RLs on a Central African Republic ferry. The photo was taken on a Joburg-London trip in 1973 led by Ray Wolfe, Clive Imrie and Mark Neilson (aka Kiwi). (Photo provided by Annette Leutert.)
Calendar Cover 1994
1994 Calendar 

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Himalaya Overland and Sundowners (post 1982)

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These are the only Himalaya Overland and Sundowners (post-1982) brochures which have surfaced so far. 
Does anyone hold copies of other brochures dating from the time Encounter started operating coach overlands either under the Himalaya Overland or Sundowners names? If so please get in touch using information on the Contact page. 
Himalaya 1984 85
Himalaya Overland
Sundowners 1986 87
Sundowners Odyssey
Sundowners 1993 Trans Siberian
Sundowners Trans-Siberian

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