14 January 2018

Main Menu
– Added Menu item for the 2018 Reunion in Wales

Page: Home Page
– added reference to the WhatsApp group for former staff at the end of the page

Page: Staff, Trucks and Premises / Staff Roll Call
– added Phil Colbert (thanks Christine Roberts), Jim Whittaker (RIP) (thanks Shena Maskell), Antonio Rusciano (thanks Jane and Allardes Hoiting),  Kev Burn (thanks Neil Featherstone and Clive Umbers)
– added Mark Ram (honourable mention – brochure and ENFLASH artist)
Page: Staff, Trucks and Premises / Staff Dossiers
– added dossiers for Bob St Aubin and Mark Fittall
Page: Staff, Trucks and Premises / Trucks and Other Vehicles
Bedford RLs
– added photo of 226BGF (a previously unidentified sepia photo of an RL on a central Africa ferry was identified by Shanan Miller as being of 226BGF)
– added RXP586 (thanks Christine Roberts (EM))
Bedford M types
– added placeholder for LUR975P
– added photo of NRB956J photo (thanks Brian Feltovich)
South America trucks
– added photo collage of BS99HL (thanks Mariett de Groot (EM))
– added photos of BVS969T (thanks Diane Kemp and Dena Jordan (EMs))
Page: Communiques / ENFLASH and Newsletters
– added ENFLASHes as follows (thanks Sarah Ewing and David Hunter):
::    ::1975 – October
::    ::1976 – March, April, May, June, July, August, September, November, December
::    ::1977 – March, April, May, August, September, October, November, December
– added ENFLASH for October 1976 (but some pages are missing) (thanks Christine Roberts (EM))
Page: Communiques / Messages to Leader/Drivers
– added memo from Tony Jones about trip costs, leadership and the company’s future (undated but likely to be from around August or September 1978)
Page: Trip Photos and Tales /  Leader/Driver and Expedition Member Films and Photograph Albums
– added film of The Great Safari – Cairo to Morocco in 1985 led by Simon Boon (film is in two parts)
– added Michael Lane’s photo book titled ‘Far away places with strange sounding names’ – which is a photobook about his travels in the early 1970s – Asia and Africa overlands with Penn Overland; and South America with Encounter Overland led by Ian Way in RHS301M
– added Christine Roberts’ diary of her Kathmandu to London Asia overland (departed 24 August 1976) and led by Phil Colbert
Page: Trip Photos and Tales / Trip Tales
– added memos sent from EO London to Annie Bradshaw on her Great Overland Encounter (departed Kathmandu 15 March 1985); and a media article written by Annie in 1992.  Annie had an accident with a tractor in Pakistan caused by a stoned tractor driver; the truck broke down in western Sudan on the way to the Central African Republic in August 1985; and to add to her challenges, a seven-year drought broke just before she arrived in Sudan making tracks impassable. 
Page: Media Articles
– added media article ‘Travels with Annie’ published in the Listener and TV Times, New Zealand 3 February 1992. This article was written by Annie Bradshaw. (See also entry under Page: Trip Photos and Tales / Trip Tales)
Page: Reunions / Reunion 2018 Wales
– added a page for the 2018 Reunion in Wales
Page: More on Overlanding / Historical Overland Films
– added ’Destination Cape Town 1952’ – a film of a record-breaking dash from London to Cape Town in a Humber Super Snipe

14 December 2017

Page: Staff, Trucks and Premises / Staff Dossiers
– added a page for Staff Dossiers

October 2017

Page: Staff, Trucks and Premises / Trucks and Other Vehicles
– added photo of Austin K9 with EO’s trade plates 213TM
– added placeholder for Bedford RL registration 225BGF (no photos available)
– added photo of South America Ford BS99HL (thanks Sandy Moring)
– added photos of South America Bedford D418MPP taken on a Peru and the Incas Brief Encounter around 1987/88 (thanks Collin Penny (EM))
– added  photo of yacht Gypsy Gay extracted from the Encounter Overland Scrapbook (mentioned below under Memorabilia)
Page: Pre-departure / Pre-departure Information
– added pre-departure information for Brief Encounters Nepal, Ganges, Rajasthan (1995) and Cradles of our Civilisation (1992) (thanks Gary Ions EM)
Page: Trip Photos and Tales /  Leader/Driver and Expedition Member Films and Photograph Albums
– added film of Kathmandu to London expedition departed April 1974 (thanks Peter Strehle EM)
WARNING:  This film contains footage of the remains of EO truck 225BGF involved in an accident in Turkey in 1973 resulting in the death of five expedition members.
Page: Memorabilia
– added the Encounter Overland Scrapbook put together by Aroha Uea.  It includes photos dating from the late 1960s to 2000 taken at various events including trip departures, birthday parties, Christmas parties, staff farewells, travel shows, brochure launches and a couple of weddings.  Thanks Aroha! And thanks to Alison Muir Bennett who has kept it safe all these years.
Note: As it is a rather large scrapbook there is a small and a large PDF file available: a small PDF file that will give reasonable quality on-screen but load faster than the larger PDF file version which has better resolution.
– added (under Miscellanea) copies of receipts for a deposit of £18 and then a further £160 for a London to Calcutta overland departing 7 October 1969 issued to Nigel Tattersfield (thanks Nigel)
Page: Media Articles 
– added October 1981 article from the North Herts Gazette of an interview with Gary Strand (thanks Gary)
– added May 1990 article from The Boston Sunday Globe about a London to Nairobi expedition led by Annie Bradshaw
Page: Reunions / Mini Reunion 2017 Scotland
– added a new page with photos from the August 2017 reunion hosted by Ellen and Tom Colville at their croft on the west coast of Scotland (via Facebook – thanks Mike Edwards )

29 July 2017

Main Menu
– Added ‘Recruiting’ under Staff, Trucks and Premises
– Changed Pre-departure sub-menu heading ‘Pre-departure EM booklets’ to ‘Pre-departure Information’
– Changed ‘Trip Photos and Films’ to ‘Trip Photos and Tales’ and added link to ‘Trip Tales’
– Changed ‘Other Interesting stuff’ to ‘More on Overlanding’
Page: Home Page
– Updated narrative to correct commencement date of EO to be 1964, not 1963.
– Updated Sidebar widget to change 1963 to 1964
Page: Promotional Material

Newspaper Advertisements

– updated to include sample Newspaper Advertisements for trips
Encounter Overland Brochures
– added Encounter Overland Brochure 1991-1992 (thanks Terry Williams)
– added Encounter Overland Brochure 2000-2001 (thanks Alison Bennett)
Posters/Stickers etc
– added ‘Established 1964’ logo
Page: Staff, Trucks and Premises / Recruiting
added recruiting advertisements found in UK newspapers
– added sample letters for selection week-end and offers of employment (Riff Ayers and Lance Thomas)
Page: Staff, Trucks and Premises / Staff Roll Call
– noted passing of Steve Tester
– added Josephine Newey (thanks Annie Bradshaw) (via Messenger) worked on coaches
– added June Barnett (office) (mentioned in The Times, Monday, June 22, 1987 as POC for office staff advertisement
– added Andre van der Most and Calum McColgan (thanks Donna Fletcher’ (EM))
– added Mark Neilson (aka Kiwi) (thanks Clive Imrie)
– added Chris Mitchell (thanks David Hunter)
Page: Staff, Trucks and Premises / Trucks and Other vehicles
– added photos of more trucks 224BGF and SDD513G (thanks Derek Biddle); and UPX85K (thanks Michael Hunt (EM))
– added additional photos of RXP957, JNM602V, GLP203J, GNM152F, GLW919J, WBH648S and SVC993H (thanks Derek Biddle)
– added additional photos of TMJ151K (thanks Michael Hunt (EM))
– deleted JNW502V as the photos were actually of JNM602V
Page: Staff, Trucks and Premises / Premises
– added additional photos of Wren Park (thanks Derek Biddle)
Page: Pre-departure/Pre-departure Information
– ‘Further Information’ Booklet (thanks Terry Williams)
– added Project Dossiers to the page (thanks Alison Bennett)
Page: Communiques / ENFLASH and Newsletters
– added ENFLASH January 2000 (thanks Alison Bennett)
Page: Trip Photos and Tales / Trip Photos
– added short movie clips by Terry Williams (EM) from London to Dar es Salaam 1993
Page: Trip Photos and Tales / Trip Tales (New menu)
– moved the interview of Peggy Gregory-Jenkins to this page (from Memorabilia page)
– added Michael Hunt’s account of his September 1973 Africa Northbound
Page: Media Articles
– corrected date on article Africa the Hard Way article to 27 November 1977
– added 58 media articles which are either about Encounter Overland or mention it as part of the article.

5 June 2017

Main Menu
– changed ‘Preparing for Departure’ to ‘Pre-departure’ with sub-menus Driver Checklists and Pre-departure EM booklets.
– changed ’On the Road’ to ‘Communiqués’ with sub-menus ENFLASH and Newsletters, Messages to Leader/Drivers and Miscellaneous Communiqués
– deleted ‘Comments and Questions’
Page: Promotional Material
Encounter Overland Brochures
– added Booking Form for 1968 London to Calcutta (thanks Rob Rumball)
– added Encounter Overland Brochure 1968 – High Atlas and Sahara  (thanks Rob Rumball)
– added Trans-Sahara Expedition to Gulf of Guinea Brochure 1969 (These expeditions did not eventuate) (thanks Rob Rumball)
– added Booking Form for 1969 expeditions (thanks Rob Rumball)
– added South East Asia Reconnaissance Expeditions Brochure 1970 (thanks Rob Rumball)
– added Encounter Overland Brochure 1971 (thanks Jonathan Rohan Kickham and Rob Rumball)
– added Encounter Overland Brochure 1972 (thanks Rob Rumball)
– added South America Reconnaissance Mission 1972 Booking Form (thanks Rob Rumball)
– added Overlanders Guide to Connecting Travel 1972 (thanks Rob Rumball)
– added Encounter Overland Brochure 1974-75 (thanks Bruce Davidson)
– added Encounter Overland Brochure (Asia) 1976 and Dates and Prices (thanks Rob Rumball)
Brief Encounters
– added Brief Encounters Brochure 1978/1979 (thanks Rob Rumball)
Posters, Stickers, Flyers, Calendars
– added Asia and South America routes posters (thanks David Hunter via Facebook)
Page:  Staff, Trucks and Premises / Staff Roll Call
– added Adrian Mortimer (thanks Tony Jones)
– added Ken Haslam and Steve Kelly (listed in Ruth Lathlean’s photobook)
– added Martin Hayes (identified in Vaculug’s International Review magazine)
– added Chris Marks and Jim Montgomery (first skipper of Gypsy) (thanks Martin Watkinson)
– added Martin Hyles and Chris Neil (thanks Rob Rumball)
Page: Staff, Trucks and Premises / Trucks and other vehicles
Austin K9s
– added film showing the preparation of newly acquired Austin K9s at Wren Park (and a following expedition to India) (thanks Rob Rumball)
– separated images for YNK229F taken on a selection/training trip to Iran, Spring 1969 and added explanatory comments (thanks Martin Watkinson)
– added photo of Austin K9 KBM345G with Martin Hayes applying final touches
– added photo of Austin K9 KBM346G (On wheel brace is Peter Hobbs, Manager of Briggs National Tyre Service, Bedford)
Bedford RLs
– correctly located two photos of 223BGF
– correctly located photo of NMJ259
– additional information included in caption for PMJ311J (thanks Martin Watkinson)
– resolved that RXP597 was indeed the correct registration
– added TMJ151K to the gallery with photos provided by David Hardham
– flipped the Early Africa photo of the RL on the ferry to give the right orientation
Bedford M types
– added Q43MPP
– added a photo of WBH645S being lifted from the Congo River at Bumba in Zaire after it was dropped into the river by the crane operator, probably deliberately. Ian Stevenson got the truck out of the river, onto the ferry and into a drivable state while on the trip up the river to Kisangani. EO London was impressed!.
– added a photo of a line-up of M-types in Kathmandu
South America Dodges, GMC
– added photo of Dodge BVS968T South America (thanks Steve Mortimer)
– added photos of BVS969T and BVS504X (thanks Steve Mortimer)
– added photo of JNW502V (by Paul E Murphy)
– added BVS968T stuck (and finally destroyed) in a South American riverbed (thanks Steve Mortimer)
– added WBH648S – photo taken from brochures
– identified registration number for South America GMC as Y39839
Page: Pre-departure / Pre-departure EM booklets
– added Pre-departure booklet London-Joburg November 1980 (thanks Rien Walrave)
– added routeing update Sudan and Nigeria/Chad early 1985
– added pre-departure information Amazon to Andes 26 May 1988 (thanks Paul E Murphy)
Page:  Communiqués / ENFLASH and Newsletters
– added ENFLASH No. 24, 20 May 1973 (thanks Rob Rumball)
– added ENFLASH December 1975 (thanks Bruce Davidson)
– added ENFLASH February 1976 (thanks Bruce Davidson)
– added Newsletters January and February 1985 (thanks Bruce Watkins)
Page: Communiqués / Messages to Leader/Drivers
– added EO Safety Award Scheme booklet (thanks Bruce Davidson)
– added messages about wage structures (1982), malaria prophylaxis (1982 and 1985), differentials (1982), company update (1986) and some hard words from Tony Jones (1986) (thanks Simon Boon for the last two)
Page: Communiqués / Miscellaneous Communiqués
– added South America Reconnaissance Report 8 February 1973 (thanks Rob Rumball)
– added proposed Encounter Overland (Freight) operation letter (thanks Rob Rumball)
Page: Leader/Driver and Expedition Member Films and Photos
– added film showing preparation of newly acquired Austin K9s at Wren Park (and a following expedition to India)
– added Ken Brown’s Backroads of Asia May to September 1996
– added a link to Ruth Lathlean’s Photobook of Africa Southbound November 1974
– added Stephen Stewart photos of Africa northbound 1972 and Asia 1971 (taken as a Leader/Driver)
– added Stephen Stewart photos of Egypt 2000 (taken as an Expedition Member)
Page: Books and Media / Media Articles
– added article from the Biggleswade Chronicle Friday 8 November 1968 (thanks Rob Rumball)
– added VacuLug’s International Review – Autumn 1969 with article India return on Duramolds (tyres) for Austin K9s (thanks Rob Rumball)
– added Newspaper article regarding the first Trans-Africa Reconnaissance “Off on a trip that can’t be done” (undated, possibly January 1970) (thanks Rob Rumball)
– added article ‘Into the Desert’ by Tom Stoppard from the Geographical Magazine, August 1970.  (The 1972 EO Brochure referred to the article which recommended the Bedford RL for desert trips.  Also included is the advertisements page as it has an advert for The Grand Indiaman Expedition operated by Paddy Garrow-Fisher who was one of the Asian Overland pioneers. A few other adverts for India and Africa overland trips as well.)
– added The Trailfinder Edition 1 of 14 May 1971 with an article on Trans-Africa by Tony Jones (page 3) (thanks Rob Rumball)
– added Newspaper article “Local man conducts tourists on 11,000 mile South American safari” The Highland Echo, East Vancouver, BC 11 September 1975 (thanks Bruce Davidson)
– added Newspaper article featuring Gerry Creamer and LLK183K (Biggleswade Chronicle 26 February 1982) (thanks Rob Rumball)
– added articles on the kidnapping and murder of six Expedition Members in Zimbabwe on 23 July 1982
– added a BBC TV report of the PIA Flight 268 disaster of 28 September 1982 in which two EO rafting/trek leaders were killed
– added article ‘One adventure too far‘ The Sunday Times (UK) 9 July 1989 reporting on the death of EM Dennis Regensburg in Pakistan
– added article ‘Why risk comes with the territory‘ The Sunday Times (UK) 6 August 1989 (thanks Paul E Murphy) – follow up to previous article
– added an article from the Telegraph newspaper (UK), 7 April 2001 which refers to the collapse of Encounter Overland
– added an article ‘The Overlanders‘ mentioning EO, The Age newspaper (Australia), 2002 
– added link to article ‘The end of the Road for overland adventures’ Financial Times, 3 May 2017
– added link to ‘Overlanding then and now’ Financial Times 8 December 2009

6 May 2017

 Page: Promotional Material – Brochures
– added 1975 ‘To the Roof of the World Brochure’ provided by Juergen Meixner
– added Encounter Overland Brochure 1993/1994 provided by George Kukos
– added Encounter Overland Brochure Autumn 1995 to Autumn 1997 provided by George Kukos
– added Encounter Overland Brochure 1998/1999 provided by George Kukos
– added better quality version of Borneo Reconnaissance  brochure provided by George Kukos
– added Dates and Prices March 1992 to 1993 (UK£) provided by George Kukos
– added Dates and Prices May 1993 to 1994 (UK£) provided by George Kukos
Page Promotional Material – Films and Slide Shows
– added reference to the film ’To the Roof of the World’
Page: Staff Roll Call
– added names to Staff Roll Call: Ken Roulston and Ray Wolfe (thanks Johno Wells). Stephen Stewart,  Charles Wright and Roger Lancaster (thanks Rob Rumball). Tony Barnes (thanks Juergen Meixner) and John Blinco (Honourable mention)
Page: Truck Gallery and Other vehicles
– added photo of GNM152F in flooded river as advised by Paul Cunnington
– added photos of Q356NVS taken by Stephen Stewart who was a driver 1971/72. He did an “Egyptian Encounter” in February 2000. (http://www.xor.org.uk/travel/egypt/)
– added photo of JNM600V taken by Glynn (Chennai 1989)
– added photo of BVS967T stuck at ferry at Bangui, Zaire January 1984 by Jeremy Cattell
Page: Pre-departure information
– added Kathmandu to London 1975 pre-departure information provided by Juergen Meixner
– added London to Joburg 25 September 1971 pre-departure information provided by David Hardham
Page: Premises
– added photo of Kathmandu Guest House provided by George Kukos
– added photo of Crew House at Hitchin by Murray Kirk
– added Old Brompton Road office photo by David Hunter
Page: L/D and EM Films
– Added London to Kathmandu 1974 by Bart Eyekams
Page: Reunion 2018
– Added contact details for Darren Nicolson to get on WhatsApp
Page: Memorabilia
– added 1985 Christmas Card provided by Jeremy Cattell
– added Christmas Card (early 1990s?) (
thanks Bruce Watkins)
– added Christmas Card 1997 (thanks Riff Ayers)
– added Ngorongoro Crater Lodge Menu (March 1985) provided by Jeremy Cattell

23 April 2017

Page: Staff Roll Call
– Added Peter Ogden to staff list (thanks David Hardham)
Page: Books
– Added a link to David Hardham’s book Africa Overland.  David was on the September 1971 Southbound Africa.
Page: Media Articles
– Added a link to the Kenyan Daily Nation newspaper article about September 1971 Southbound Africa (thanks David Hardham)