Trip Tales

These are tales about Encounter Overland trips.  For published works see Books about Encounter Overland.
 The first Encounter Overland expedition – 1964 by Harry Marsh
Icon Harry Marsh Diary
The diary written by Harry Marsh on the first ‘Encounter Overland’ expedition from London to Kathmandu in 1964 led by Tony Jones and Harry Marsh.
Interview of Peggy Gregory-Jenkins
Icon Peggy Gregory-Jenkins
This is a video of an interview of Peggy Gregory-Jenkins – one of Encounter Overland’s first paying passengers and one of EO’s first employees (Although I don’t think she was paid too much. No surprises there!) Peggy married Stuart Jenkins one of the founders of EO with Tony Jones.
This interview was recorded in September 2015 in Niagara Falls at the staff gathering of a company called G Adventures. The person interviewing Peggy is Bruce Poon Tip, the founder of G Adventures.
Peggy tells how she and a friend signed up with Tony and Stuart in 1967 in Istanbul on EO’s first trip to Kathmandu. For the exorbitant price of US$150 Peggy and her friend travelled to Kathmandu and then back to England.
Thanks go to G Adventures and its media team for their kindness in locating and sending on this recording.
 Johannesburg to London – 15 September 1973 by Michael Hunt
Icon Michael Hunt's Northbound.jpg
An account of the Johannesburg to London northbound which departed 15 September 1973, by expedition member Michael Hunt.
Great Overland Encounter (departed Kathmandu 15 March 1985) – Leader/Driver Annie Bradshaw
Icon Annie Bradshaw GOE documents
 These documents were sent to Annie Bradshaw as part of the preparations, and updates along the way, for a Great Overland Encounter (GOE) expedition which departed Kathmandu 15 March 1985.  The route for this expedition from Kathmandu to London was via Asia, the Middle East, and northern Africa.  Annie had an accident with a tractor in Pakistan caused by a stoned tractor driver; the truck broke down in western Sudan on the way to the Central African Republic in August 1985; and to add to her challenges, a seven-year drought broke just before she arrived in Sudan making tracks impassable.  The final pages are an article Annie wrote for a New Zealand magazine in 1992.
Expedition accounts by Ian Richards
Icon Africa on Four Toilet Rolls (Africa Southbound) October 1989 (Ian Richards) (original)
‘Africa on Four Toilet Rolls’
Ian Richards account of an Africa A-Z Southbound October 1989
Icon East African Safari January 1994 (Ian Richards) (original)
East African Safari
Ian Richards account of an East African Safari January 1994