Leader/Driver and Expedition Member Films and Photograph Albums

Icon K9 preparation and India Expedition This film shows the preparation in Spring 1968 of newly acquired Austin K9s at Wren Park; and then a four-truck expedition to India led by Rob Rumball, Stuart Jenkins, Harry Marsh and Jonathan Rohan Kickham.  A description of each part of the film is here.
Icon Encounter Overland - Africa Northbound 1980 (David Hunter)
Encounter Overland – Africa Northbound 1980  by David Hunter (L/D)
Icon Encounter Overland - Africa Northbound 1984
Encounter Overland – Africa Northbound January to June 1984 by Lorraine and Neil Dovell
(link to Google Drive file)
Icon Encounter Overland - Africa Northbound 1995
Encounter Overland – Africa Northbound 1995 by David Holt
Icon Great Overland Encounter 1990
The Great Overland Encounter 1990 by Glen Svensson
(link to Google Drive file)
Icon Africa 1990
London to Harare 1990
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Icon Zaire mud hole
Zaire bog hole 1991 by Mark Ritchie
Icon Crossing a Zaire bridge by Mark Ritchie
Crossing a Zaire bridge 1991 by Mark Ritchie
Icon Roberto de la Tour film.jpg
Joburg to Nairobi – July/August 1984 by Roberto de la Tour
Icon EO South America by Paul Wood.jpg
EO South America 1980 by Paul Wood
Icon Mountain Gorilla Rene Koller.jpg
Mountain Gorilla Safari Aug/Sept 1984 Encounter Overland by Rene Koller
Icon Asia 1978 (Judy Pettersen).jpg
Encounter Overland 1978 by Judy Pettersen
Icon Robert Bonsor Zaire 1994.jpg
EO Africa Northbound Zaire 1994 by Robert Bonsor
Icon Alan Kiff in Mali
Q504NPP bogged in Mali  by Alan Kiff
A short time later Q504NPP was stolen by Toureg bandits
Icon John and June BlincoAlbum

Icon Blinco narrativeNarrative
John and June Blinco were on the first Northbound Africa, a London to Kathmandu and the South America Reconnaissance Expedition.
Their daughter Sarah has put together a short narrative and a photo album.
Icon Ruth Lathlean Africa Southbound November 1974
Ruth Lathlean was on the November 1974 Africa Southbound.  
Her photobook of the trip is here on Blurb.
Icon London to Kathmandu 1974 (Bart Eyekmans)
London to Kathmandu 1974 by Bart Eyekmans
(slides start in Holland)
Icon Ken Brown Backroads of Asia 1996
Ken Brown – Backroads of Asia May 1996 
Icon Stephen Stewart Asia 1971
Asia 1971
by Stephen Stewart 
Icon Stephen Stewart Africa Northbound 1972
Africa Northbound 1972
by Stephen Stewart 
Icon Stephen Stewart Egypt 2000
Egypt 2000
by Stephen Stewart
Icon Peter Strehle Kathmandu to London April 1974
Kathmandu to London
April 1974
by Peter Strehle
WARNING:  This film contains footage of the remains of EO truck 225BGF involved in an accident in Turkey in 1973 resulting in the death of five expedition members.
Icon Far away places
South America 1976 by Michael Lane
(also includes Asia and Africa overlands with Penn Overland. Driver was Ian Way. Vehicle RHS301M)
Icon Christine Roberts
Kathmandu – London
August to November 1976
(Driver was Phil Colbert. Vehicle RXP586)
Icon Cairo to Morocco Part 1
Cairo to Morocco 1985
Part 1 
(Egypt, Sudan, Tanzania)(Driver Simon Boon)
Icon Cairo to Morocco Part 2
Cairo to Morocco 1985
Part 2
(Rwanda to Morocco)
(Driver Simon Boon)
Terry Williams (Expedition Member) – London to Dar es Salaam (The Great Safari) 1993 with Leader/Driver Adrian Mumby
Icon Terry Williams Sahara
Crossing the Sahara
Icon Terry Williams Bandiagara
Bandiagara Escarpment (April 1993)
This video is of a 3-day hike through the Bandiagara Escarpment. The group visited 3 different villages of the Dogon people and slept on straw mats on their roofs to be free of mosquitos.   It was very hot and dry for the hike with temps in the 40’s. 
Icon Terry Williams Kano
Getting to the campsite in Kano, Nigeria – traffic was light due to a gas strike or shortage! Features that unmistakable sound of a 330 Bedford engine!
Icon Terry Williams Zaire ferry
Ferry Crossing Zaire
One of the many ferry crossings in Zaire.  
Icon Terry Williams Zaire bridge
Zaire bridge
A railroad trestle bridge in Zaire – and as usual missing a lot of timber.
Icon Terry Williams Pygmies
Visting the pygmies near Epulu in Zaire
Icon Terry Williams Gorillas
Visting the mountain gorillas in Virunga National Park. The silverback of the gorilla troop was Oscar.
Icon Terry Williams Serengeti
Serengeti (June 1993)