Reunion September 2003, Wales

Report on the 2003 Encounter Overland Reunion – written by Alan Kiff

The 2003 UK Reunion took place at Bob Gledhill’s place (Carmarthen) on 5th & 6th Sept. Given that Bob had only moved in a couple days beforehand the local sheep population were very pleasantly surprised. What the Boyo neighbours thought of it all has yet to be discovered.

A fantastic venue in the middle of the Welsh Valleys where there was indeed a welcome waiting – if only we could find the damn place. Most folk drove round and round for a good few hours – rumours persist of a big orange truck still running around the one-way system of Llandovery with a stubbly face hanging out of the window shouting at every likely looking local, “Yer, G’day fella – which way to the Kibo Hotel?” Michael used his EO training, remarkable initiative and mobile to phone Bob to ask where the fookewas.

The view from the top field was incredible – even more incredible was the weather which allowed us to enjoy the view two days running! Someone up there still loves Encounter.

All in all a great do with lots of bull dropped amongst the sheep droppings. BT took charge of catering so there was huge amounts of food to be had – hasn’t she ever heard of an EO budget?

Many thanks must go to Bob for organising the do – and the weather – and for putting up with it all at his new home from home. (Which will be nice when it’s finished, I’m sure!)