Encounter Overland Scrapbook
Icon Encounter Overland ScrapbookThis scrapbook was put together by Aroha Uea. It is not in strict date-order but includes photos dating from the late 1960s to 2000 taken at various events including trip departures, birthday parties, Christmas parties, staff farewells, travel shows, brochure launches and a couple of weddings. Not all events include a description of the particular occasion. If you can provide information on any of the photos please email Lance Thomas at and I will try to find a way to include it with the scrapbook.
Icon Encounter Overland ScrapbookA higher resolution version of the scrapbook is available through this link.  It may take longer to download.
Mark Ram Cartoons
Icon Mark Ram CartoonsMark Ram drew many cartoons for Encounter Overland and were used to inject some humour into early editions of the staff bulletin ENFLASH. His drawings were also used in brochures and pre-departure information. Mark was a member of one of the early Asia expeditions.

This is a compilation (by David Hunter) of many of Mark’s drawings.

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Christmas Cards

Christmas Card 2


EO Xmas 1985

early 1990s

Christmas Card early 1990s?

Late 1990s (date unknown)

Christmas Card - late 1990s

Receipts issued to Expedition Members

Receipt - London to Calcutta - 1969 (Nigel Tattersfield (EM))
Receipt for a deposit of £18 for a London to Calcutta overland departing 7 October 1969 issued to Nigel Tattersfield.

Joining Instructons - Gates of Tartary 1991 (EM Wendy Lithgow)
Joining instructions for the Gates of Tartary (1991) issued to Wendy and Patrick Lithgow
Ngorongoro Crater Lodge
Ngorongoro Crater Lodge Menu March 1985