Messages to Leader/Drivers

From time to time, Encounter Overland management and the ‘Hot Seat’ in the Old Brompton Road office in London (EOL) would send messages to Leader/Drivers. This is a small collection of those messages.

Icon Safety Award Scheme In the mid-1970s EO introduced a Safety Award Scheme to incentivise drivers to take ‘Every Kind of Care’. Icon Memo from Tony Jones (around August or September 1978) Memo from Tony Jones about trip costs, leadership and the company’s future (undated but likely to be from around August or September 1978)
Icon Differentials 18 June 1982 Advice on oils to be used in differentials Icon Malaria prophylaxis 24 August 1982 Advice on Malaria prophylaxis
August 1982
Icon Improved wage structure 1 October 1982 Improved wage structure October 1982 Icon Malaria prophylaxis 18 May 1985 Advice on Malaria prophylaxis
May 1985
Icon Company Update 26 June 1986 Company update
26 June 1986

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Icon Hard words from Tony Jones 27 June 1986 Hard words from Tony Jones 27 June 1986
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Icon Increment Change Feb 1993 Changes to Leader/Driver Increments – February 1993