Truck Preparation

Wren Park 1968

The following is a series of photographs taken by Dave Rumball at Wren Park in 1968.  It includes photos of many of the people who helped get Encounter Overland on the path to being a going concern, rebuild of the first two K9s YNK229F and YNK230F, photos of other K9s being prepared and photos of the start of the Wren Park workshop building.

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Icon K9 preparation and India Expedition Similar to the photos above, this film shows the preparation in Spring 1968 of newly acquired Austin K9s at Wren Park; and then a four-truck expedition to India led by Rob Rumball, Stuart Jenkins, Harry Marsh and Jonathan Rohan Kickham. A description of each part of the film is here.
Wren Park 1993
Icon Q815NTM build These photographs show the construction of a new truck (Q815NTM) in 1992 at Wren Park.  Q815NTM was first registered in October 1992.
Equipment and supplies carried on each vehicle in Asia and Africa

EO truck with equipment at Wren Park